Zig & Us

In more than 27 years of serving others in the search industry, some distinct values, concepts and philosophies have shaped me personally – and continue to influence our approach and business style. One of my core values is expressed by Zig Ziglar, “You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” Ziglar is one of my mentors, and I have used his company’s training to develop goals, become balanced and be accountable in life. Having this approach of helping “enough other people get what they want,” has given me the privilege of being involved in more than 1,500 people’s career decisions and has contributed to countless repeat clients.

Core values of hard work, persistence and lifelong learning have contributed to my longevity in this industry where the average tenure is less than three years. These anchor values keep me grounded as I recruit professionals in a challenging and ever-changing industry. These values will drive my future and keep me proactive about finding solutions for both the organizations we build and the individual careers we help direct.

An outgoing and enthusiastic personality has also been key to GSR’s success. The ability to pursue and build upon my strengths, talents and abilities has allowed this firm to help others do the same thing with respect to building upon their strengths. In addition, having a strong faith in God has shaped my values and those of GSR’s. If you would like to learn how I came to faith in God and how this relationship impacts all I do, please click on the link to my spiritual journey.

GSR exists to provide outstanding staffing solutions to the insurance industry, that is our niche. We combine the basics of a sales culture, use of proven resources and a commitment to results that satisfy both the organizations we build and the individual’s careers we help direct. As the CEO of this firm, I continue to learn and grow as a lifelong student of people and life attitudes. This is part of my servant-leadership style at GSR.

Mike McDonough

President and CEO

General Search & Recruitment