Retained Searches

Retained Searches

  • Best suited for executive level positions with few available qualified candidates.
  • Our knowledge of the insurance industry and its key players enables us to conduct a comprehensive and confidential search targeting the professionals you need.
  • Fee is divided into three equal installments paid at the beginning, middle and end of the search process.

Retained Search Process

Step 1:

We evaluate your personnel needs and determine how we can meet or exceed your expectations using our best strategies for Retained Staffing.

Step 2:

We gather information to understand your specific challenges and unique variables. We dig deeper into the job description and your corporate culture to identify the person you need most.

Step 3:

We establish a feasible timeline and interview process that will complement and streamline your existing company placement procedures. We prepare your people so daily business and protocols are not disrupted.

Step 4:

We begin the search, networking to identify passive and active candidates who measure up to the criteria. We consult our extensive database, our Research Department and other resources for the right candidates.

Step 5:

We recruit and screen candidates until the finalists are determined and committed. We never recommend a candidate who is not an excellent contender for the position.

Step 6:

We schedule first interviews and prepare your staff and the candidate for the meeting.

Step 7:

We are proactive in communicating expectations, questions and concerns to you and the candidates.

Step 8:

If desired, we use the DISC Personality Assessment Tool to confirm or clarify correct fit for you, the candidates and any others involved.

Step 9:

We help manage the negotiation and discussion of benefits, clarifying expectations. We are the go-between for you and the candidate for finding a long-term match.

Step 10:

We make the offer and gain the acceptance that you and the candidate agree upon: start date, resignation letter and other details.

Step 11:

We seek feedback to improve the process and build success for future opportunities to meet your personnel needs.