I was born in Evanston, Illinois, given up for adoption in 1957, raised as the oldest of three children in a very traditional, loving, and religious family. My father was an FBI agent, my mother a career nurse before marriage. Together they provided a very stable environment, the opportunity for a good education and all the outlets kids enjoy. I played organized baseball, hockey, water polo and swam competitively throughout grade school through college. All my needs were met but I had trouble understanding my adoption and felt something was missing in my life. Being influenced by the world around me in a confusing time of the 1960’s and 1970’s I continued to search for something. It would be best summarized in the expression I was “looking for love in all the wrong places”.

After graduating from college with an education in hotel and restaurant management I continued to work hard and live hard in a very demanding industry. None of the success in this industry or in the party lifestyle I had developed produced the happiness or filled the void in my heart. My career direction changed and I ended up in the employment business by accident, or so it seemed. This work provided me many opportunities to grow and become a successful sales person. Eventually Gerald S. Rynearson (note the initials GSR), the founder of General Search & Recruitment, allowed me the opportunity to purchase this business. Being a successful sales person and now business owner, I thought would fill the void in my heart, but it didn’t. I was still searching for something and not happy.

A lady who came to work for me started me on my journey to find answers for the emptiness in my life – emptiness that persisted despite much success. This lady invited me to go rafting with her church in Wisconsin; I accepted the invitation for social reasons and because of her unique way of handling herself at my firm. This turned out to be my introduction to people who believed the gospel and in Jesus Christ. After reluctantly accepting the challenge of the church’s Associate Pastor, I started to investigate the Bible and the claims it makes. Two years later I accepted the free gift of God that is available to all who receive Jesus Christ. He died on the cross for me and all people and this is where I found the answers to my questions. I understood what Jesus did for me, even when I was very far from him, and I started a personal relationship with Christ that has transformed me in ways which only God can do.

I know no two stories are the same, but I’d be honored to talk to you more about these things.


Mike McDonough
President and CEO
General Search & Recruitment