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Effective onboarding can be the difference between success or failure for a new executive. But many organizations lack a structured onboarding process. A recent CareerBuilder report looks at the impact of this shortcoming. May 31, 2017 – Seeing less than desirable performance from your new employees or your department? It just may be your onboarding…(Read More)

Baseball season is back in full swing, and while the boys of summer are back in town, it’s also prime season for hiring. Just this week we’ve had nearly 50 jobs submitted to our board and we currently are looking for candidates to fill over 600 open positions. We’re recruiting for a…(Read More)

Write Better Job Descriptions to Attract Millennials By: As Baby Boomers start transitioning into retirement, insurers and agencies are struggling to attract Millennials to replace them. One of the causes of the problem is the industry’s reputation of being boring. Looking at a description from the perspective of a young college…(Read More)

Client Needs, Demands Drive Change In Recruiting Sector   For boutique search firms, these are auspicious days. Double digit growth and expansion is the order of the day for many of the more specialized recruiters. As a group, industry statistics show, the boutiques are far outpacing their Big Five competition. Without question, these upstarts are doing…(Read More)

Scaling People: Start with the End in Mind HRExaminerJason Seidenby Jason Seiden Jason Seiden, HRExaminer Editorial Advisory Board Contributor. Last year, I heard Matt Maloney, CEO of GrubHub, say that the hardest part of building a business is scaling people. Scaling people has always been a challenge, but there are aspects to the way business…(Read More)

Insurance Industry Observations for March As of this week, spring has officially sprung. Winter is over and although it went out with a flurry, we may have finally seen the last of snow in many parts of the country. At this time of year, as baseball gets ready to make a comeback, we’ll also…(Read More)

These 5 Mistakes Could be Keeping You From Getting That Interview By: John Krautzel No one ever vanquished an obstacle by trying the same failing strategy over and over again. If your job search isn’t yielding interviews, re-examine your methods and weed out the mistakes holding you back. A job search isn’t…(Read More)

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