December 2015 Insurance Industry Observations

As the year winds down and the holidays are in full swing, you may think hiring has

slowed this time of the year. Well judging by all the new jobs that keep coming in,

this is certainly not the case! In fact, our latest blog explains all the reasons that this

is shaping up to be one of the hottest hiring seasons we’ve seen in a while.

And the most active area continues to be Underwriting, where over a dozen jobs are

available everywhere from New Jersey to California and everywhere in between.

Most of the openings are at the senior or supervisor level, but there are also a few

production positions available too.

Customer Service is also seeing a lot of action this time of year and we currently

have twenty positions open. This includes high-level postings for managers, but also

a few entry-level openings at the assistant level. Most of these jobs are in the south,

including Texas and Florida, but we also have a few posts in New Jersey, Pittsburgh,

Nashville and Chicago.

The coasts have a lot of Actuarial openings this month, with jobs in Connecticut,

California, New York and more. The Broker/Agency field is also seeing a boost, with

over 20 openings this month that include assistant positions and multiple senior

and management-level jobs.

We also have multiple positions to fill in Sales/Marketing, Claims, Actuarial,

Broker/Agency and many more fields. We have openings at every skill level and in

nearly every state, so make sure to check back during to holidays to make sure you

don’t miss out on the job you’ve been waiting for.

All the best for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours,

Mike McDonough and the GSR Team

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