Insurance Industry Observations for January

It’s the New Year, and as the parties and holidays come to a close, one of the hottest seasons for hiring is just getting started. We’re already seeing it at our office, with dozens of new, exciting positions coming in each week. If a new career is on your list of resolutions, make sure to read our latest blog post to make sure your resume and job search is ready for 2017.
Underwriting is still showing strong growth and is poised to continue to surge. We filled dozens of these positions last year and still have nearly a dozen currently available on our board. The jobs we’re seeing range from Sr. Underwriters to Managers and Specialists, so we have opportunities at multiple levels. But it’s not just the positions, but the locations that are really exciting. We have needs from Massachusetts, Connecticut, Atlanta, Texas and California all the way out to beautiful Hawaii. If you’re looking to relocate to an exotic new location, make sure these openings don’t pass you by.
Sales and Marketing continues to be a strong sector as well with nearly 20 positions open already and more coming into our office constantly. We have roles across the South in Texas, Florida and Mississippi and up the East Coast in Boston and Maryland. There are a few jobs out West too in Seattle and California, so no matter where you are, there’s opportunities available. Companies need quality talent at every level, from Producers and Consultants to Managers and Directors. Get your resume ready because more and more quality positions will continue to come across our desk as the weather heats up.
Customer Service is another area that finished 2016 strong and looks to continue that steak in 2017. Nearly two-dozen positions are currently on our board ranging from Broker and Account Executives to Managers and Specialists. We have a lot of current need in Texas, but there are also promising positions in Boston, California, Seattle and Chicago.
The Broker/Agency field has shown big growth in the New Year already, so we may see that as a strong hiring industry this year. The 30 jobs we’re currently filling are all across Texas and throughout the entire US. If you’re near Kansas City, Phoenix, LA, Boston, Chicago, Baltimore or Orlando, make sure to check out the opportunities available close to you. And the jobs are across the board, from Account Executive and Account Representative to Customer Service, Producers, Consultants and Managers. Keep an eye on this area, because it seems to be quickly growing in 2017.
And those are just the highlights! We have even more opportunities across the country in fields like Accounting, Actuarial, Risk Management, Legal, Claims, IT, Workers’ Comp and even a few Executive-Level positions to fill.
Budgets are being finalized and positions solidified every day. That’s why this time of year is one of the best times to look for a new career or make a move to a new company. Sometimes we fill jobs before they’re even posted, so get your resume submitted and let us start helping you find the role of your dreams. Check back often because you never know what will come open this time of year.
All the Best, Mike McDonough & the GSR Team

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