General Search and Recruitment Launches Mobile App

General Search and Recruitment Launches Mobile App

General Search & Recruitment App for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and Android

By: Travis Randolph


General Search and Recruitment (GSR), an insurance recruiting firm based in Chicago, Illinois, recently launched a mobile app for their users. The app is designed to provide resources to both insurance companies who are trying to fill open positions and job seekers at every level.


Upon opening the app, users are met with a variety of options to help them browse open positions, upload resumes and get in touch with GSR via phone, email and a variety of social media channels.


Breaking the job posts into both Insurance and Non-Insurance sections makes it much easier to find jobs specific for certain skills. The Insurance section seemed to have an overwhelming list of openings, but the ability to easily sort by full-time, part-time and temporary positions made browsing much easier to manage.


When users select the option to upload a resume, they are able to dictate whether they upload to insurance jobs, non-insurance jobs or executive level positions. These options seem to help candidates land in the right pool and help potential employers minimize and streamline the resumes they’re sorting through.


Under the Career Resources section, links to “Hidden Jobs” seem to take users to an area for matching existing candidates with specific jobs. There is also a link to the blog section of the site which includes a wide variety of posts and news stories. The topics covered include national news stories, insurance specific articles and an array of information that touched on ever aspect of the insurance industry.


The app’s functionality allows for alerts and push notifications, so candidates will be fed the most recent jobs straight to their phones or mobile devices. Little touches like this are ideal for active job seekers, who may be looking for constant updates and access to new job postings as soon as they become available.


The app icon itself is very subtle, which could be critical to candidates who may not want to broadcast their job search to current colleagues. All the contact methods within the app also make it very easy to reach out t the GSR recruiting team from the privacy of a mobile device. These features may seem small, but are actually huge benefits for executive-level job seekers. Discretion and accessibility can make or break these delicate, high-level job searches.


Overall the app is very useful for candidates to browse jobs, submit their resume and keep up-to-date on open positions as they become available. There are also specific areas for users who are interested in executive level positions that most job search apps lack. The blog section has a wealth of information for anyone interested in the insurance industry with its wide breadth of articles that cover topics from every corner of the insurance field.


For potential hiring companies, the biggest benefit of the General Search and Recruitment app is the ability to contact the recruiting team from a variety of different channels including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, email and web.


The General Search & Recruitment App is currently available for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices and can be download from iTunes and the Google play store.

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