Insurance Industry Observations for March

Insurance Industry Observations for March
As of this week, spring has officially sprung. Winter is over and although it went out with a flurry, we may have finally seen the last of snow in many parts of the country. At this time of year, as baseball gets ready to make a comeback, we’ll also see hiring start to roar back into full swing. We already have over 600 jobs on our board and are seeing some interesting locations looking to hire talented individuals from coast to coast.
Sales/Marketing has a few promising opportunities this month, including a Business Development Manager in Chicago, a Expat Employee Benefits Account Manager in Morristown, New Jersey and a Life Insurance Customer Service Rep in Arlington, D.C. In the past week, we’ve filled over a dozen jobs in Sales/Marketing, so make sure to get your resume in so we can match you with your dream job as soon as it comes across our desk.
In Actuarial, we’re seeing a lot of positions that are available in multiple locations. In addition to New York and Chicago, we have jobs posted in Texas, Kansas, North Carolina, New Jersey and Illinois. These jobs span from Investment Banking and Life Actuarial Managers, to Life Pricing Actuaries and Appointed Actuaries. Multiple positions are available for a majority of these postings, so your chances of finding a great career are even better!
If you’re interested in a career in Claims, we’re currently looking for Specialists, Supervisors, Managers and Adjusters for multiple openings across the country. Lake Elsinore, California, St. Petersburg, Florida, Jersey City, New Jersey, Dallas, Miami, Tampa and even Honolulu are currently hiring talented candidates, so don’t miss out on an opportunity in one of these beautiful locations.
Throughout the US, we have jobs available in Customer Service. The locations include Sherman Oaks, California, Arlington, D.C. and Orlando, Florida, but we also have a few positions that are flexible on their location. They’re open to candidates from Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, D.C., Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky and pretty much every other state, s don’t let physical location stop you from pursuing the job of your dreams.
Underwriting is still performing well with over a dozen jobs currently posted on our board. These positions range from the Senior and Director level to Account Managers and Specialists. There are even a few high-level executive positions available. We’re looking for people in Nashville Tennessee, Marietta, Georgia, Wakefield Massachusetts and larger cities like Boston, New York, Chicago and Honolulu. This industry continues to shine, so if you’re considering a career change, Underwriting could offer a lot of opportunity.
Be sure to check back to our job board frequently because positions are being posted and filled very quickly. If you’re an executive looking for a new opportunity, we have three currently active and are seeing more each week. Hiring season always heats up with the weather….
All the best,
Mike McDonough & The GSR Team

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