5 Reasons to Build a Recruiter Relationship

Why treating a recruiter like a part of your company will put you ahead

Working with a recruiter may seem like an added step in an already complicated hiring process. You have people who handle this, so why should you bring in someone from the outside? The problem is, most companies treat recruiters like a vendor, but to really see the benefits of working with hiring professionals, you’ll need to treat them like a trusted advisor, or partner, to your company. Here are five reasons why a new approach to working with your recruiting team can help you win the war for talent in this competitive job market:

  1. You’ll gain valuable insights

Your HR department has probably handled quite a few talent searches in their time, but with the industry rapidly changing and skill sets evolving, they might need to invest serious time into catching up with current hiring trends. A recruiting firm focuses on finding talent 24/7. They know where the best candidates are, what they’re looking for in a company, the latest compensation evaluations and what skills companies are valuing the most. So instead of basing your newest hire off of past experiences, you’ll have the most recent hiring information at your immediate disposal.

  1. They’ll help you plan ahead

Wondering if you should replace a departing employee with the same experience? Should you hire someone fresh out of school? What do you need in an executive? These questions can be hard to evaluate and answer when you’re worried about the day-to-day business. Partnering with a recruiting firm will let them get the full view of where your company is and where it’s going. Then they can help you identify candidates who will not only fill your existing role, but also bring new skills to the table that will let you evolve. Trying to find an exact copy of a departing employee only gets you so far, so work with a team that can help you accomplish your goals today, while shaping your staff for success tomorrow.

  1. It saves time

56% of jobs are open for three months or more. Imagine having two critical positions open, and one of them takes a full quarter of your year to fill. The average job through a recruiting firm is filled within a month, and if you’re partnering with them for all of your hiring needs, they can typically work even faster than that. Treating a recruiting firm like an arm of your company lets them anticipate staffing needs around retirement, a new client, or an upcoming busy period. This lets them make your next hire nearly seamless. Recruiting firms also only provide you with the best candidates for your opportunity, so you won’t have to waste time searching through dozens of resumes just to find one qualified applicant.

  1. You find better candidates

When you post a job online, you get one kind of candidate – someone who is actively looking and applying for jobs. That pool can dry up quickly. Recruiting firms have a wide selection of candidates whom they work with regularly. They might be happily employed, but looking for the right opportunity to advance, looking for a better cultural or professional fit, or simply interested in hearing about new positions in case the perfect one arises. This group is likely more qualified and in higher demand than the previous one – and the only way to access them is through a recruiting partner.

  1. They’ll greatly improve an executive search

Finding new leadership for your company can be a defining moment for the future of your organization. Working with a recruiting firms gives you insights into current best practices for hiring executives, gives you access to qualified candidates who may not be actively applying, helps you develop a competitive and attractive compensation plan, and can pinpoint skill sets your current board may be lacking. Also, having an outside reference will give you a fresh perspective around what your company truly needs from a new executive.

These are just five of the many reasons to work with an experienced recruiting firm as your hiring partner. 85% of recruiters consider this a candidate-driven market, so finding the right person is more competitive and challenging than ever before. To rise to the head of the pack, you need a partner who will help you find, interview and place the best candidates into your company. The sooner you start that relationship, the sooner you’ll start seeing the returns

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