5 Ways to Play Your Career Like an Olympic Athlete

By Chris Hawrylewicz

Are you getting caught up in the excitement of the Olympics?  I know I am fast becoming an “Olympics junkie,” watching event after exciting event.  It amazes me how dedicated, fearless and skilled the athletes are, enabling them to compete on the biggest athletic stage in the world.  I found this article interesting. Not only is the timing great (with an Olympics topic), but the advice it provides is timeless too for putting together a solid career strategy.


5 Ways to Play Your Career Like an Olympic Athlete

By: Robert Jordan, Huffington Post

This week some of the world’s best athletes arrive in Sochi for the 2014 Olympic games. Their performances are so good they appear to be effortless, but that level of skill and precision did not come overnight. I’m not ready for the ski jump anytime soon (or ever), but studying how these athletes got to the top can provide us with some great takeaways. Here are five traits of Olympians that you can apply to your career right now:…  Click to Read More.


So what do you think?  Was this article helpful in taking a fresh look at your career strategy?  Personally, I liked number 5 (Action) the best because I have found that the “doers” are the ones who compete for the best jobs.  Your thoughts?


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