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All-Star Players With a Team Mentality

We’ve seen it again and again across a multitude of different sports. Athletes of the highest caliber elevating teams beyond mediocrity but ultimately failing to bring home the cup, pennant, trophy or title. A single talented individual can do great things for an organization, but 9 times out of 10, it takes a team to go all the way. Whether it’s Michael Jordan or Joe Montana, when we look back at the seasons where they won it all, we find a supporting cast of highly competent teammates and coaches consistently contributing. We also see whole teams pursuing a singular vision with unified focus.

Our tagline at General Search & Recruitment is as follows:  Building the Best Organizations in the Insurance Industry. That is more than a slogan to us. We are dedicated to the constant pursuit of great talent that exhibits a desire to do more than serve their own interests. We source all-star talent that has the desire to be a part of something larger and have the skills to help organizations succeed at a higher level. This pursuit constantly urges us to consider the attributes of great team players, and while there are several factors to consider, we have highlighted a few of the most prominent:


It’s easy to find individuals who can speak to all the great things they’ve accomplished. What is more unique to finding competent professionals who can identify the times they’ve fallen short and can speak to the lessons they’ve learned from those trials. The willingness to recognize failures, accept responsibility, apply the lessons learned and bounce back is a clear sign of professional maturity and moral constitution.


The ability to recognize and identify the thoughts and feelings of others provides enormous insight into an individual’s team mentality. A professional who displays empathy is likely to be a professional who is able to consider more than their own needs and wants. They see the bigger picture and believe that their contributions should be made in an effort to propel the success of everyone around them.


We seek out talented professionals who express a desire to pitch in regardless of roles and titles. These individuals understand that when the team succeeds everyone enjoys greater rewards, and they are ready to roll up their sleeves and model the behavior they want to see from their colleagues. When they talk about their successes, they often talk about the teams they have been a part of and the mutual work in which they have engaged.

At GSR we realize there is a lot to be considered and evaluated when searching for specific talent. From the particular role that needs to be filled to the greater organizational culture, finding the right fit requires a great deal of focus and research. We have been applying our unique experience and expertise since 1969, helping businesses within the insurance industry place professionals that not only bring their own unique skillset but also possess the traits vital to encouraging and fostering a greater team environment. We have a history of finding and placing all-stars in the insurance industry, and we have built a reputation for identifying top talent that possesses the team mentality needed to elevate an entire organization. If you are dedicated to growing your organization with professionals that are not only highly talented but also dedicated to the greater mission of your company, contact us today to start your search.

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