By: Mike Rodriguez, Zig Ziglar Newsletter

“I could never do that, I’m not good enough, I can’t do that”…..and the list goes on.
We use words to express how we think and feel; so our words are indeed an expression of our thoughts. Words are very powerful. When you use words in a negative way, they can have a devastating impact on the receiver.
But what if WE are the receiver of our own negative words? You might say that is ridiculous…..and that is the issue. We do.
The limitations that we impose on ourselves, and the confidence that we generate to succeed, are all a result of our own internal belief system of how we view who we are. When you think self-defeating thoughts, you are actually conditioning your mind and teaching yourself how to believe, what to accept, and how to respond to situations.
You are defining your very own self.
Consider that what you confess with your words has already been created as a thought that you have already accepted. Your mouth is simply using your own words to state what your brain already believes; what you have already told yourself.
The end result is this: When you state that you “cannot do something” …you won’t. When you say that you “aren’t good at something” or that “you aren’t good enough” you won’t be, and when you say “that will never happen for me” it probably won’t happen either. Why? Because you have already told yourself who you are and how you should respond. Your mind is simply acting on what you believe! When you say “I can’t” or “I’m not good at,” your body will respond to this self-affirmation to the level that you believe. In this case, it will be at a very low level.
You can start increasing your chances for success by simply making a decision to believe that you can be successful! Then start changing your words. Say the opposite of what you have been saying and use positive self-affirmations. It will be uncomfortable at first, but consider the benefits! You are being confident, not arrogant, by feeding your mind and teaching it how to respond and improve your results! When you tell yourself positive things, your mind will start to believe. When you use positive, confident and forward thinking words, you are reinforcing your own thoughts. Your mind will then create a new response system that will work to “find a way.” I’m not saying that you will start succeeding in all of your endeavors, but what I am saying is that you will significantly increase your chances of succeeding.

Zig Ziglar taught us that “other people and things can stop us temporarily, but YOU are the only one who can stop yourself permanently.” This statement is the truth behind changing how you view yourself and how you will move forward.
Life is difficult enough, don’t be your own obstacle. Confess success!
This article is an excerpt from the book 8 Keys to Exceptional Selling by Mike Rodriguez. Mike is a Motivational Speaker and Strategic Sales Trainer at Ziglar, Inc.

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