Getting Creative to Find Candidates

Getting Creative to Find Candidates
By: Mike McDonough

How firms are using new methods and partnerships to compete for top talent.
Firms are in constant competition for the best candidates. With the growing surge in
Baby Boomer retirement, that battle is only going to become more urgent. Bidding on top
applicants in the insurance industry can be a costly endeavor. That’s why we’re seeing
more firms get creative with how they attract talent. Here are just a few of the ways
they’re rethinking the recruiting process.
Partnering for Performance
Top insurance forms are increasingly working with outside recruiting partners to find the
talent and skill sets they’re looking for to fill a position. Recruiters typically have access
to contacts beyond just active jobs seekers and can help locate candidates who might
not be actively looking for work. Recruiters also help firms save time by weeding through
piles of resumes and pre-screening candidates so a company only has to meet with one
or two top applicants. When it comes to pitching your company to a potential hire,
recruiters are also a good reference to help you negotiate a benefits package and salary
that will put you on par or above other companies in your field.
Selling Yourself
Companies often look at jobs like fishing. Put the job out on the line and start reeling in
candidates until you find a keeper. But with competition for well-trained and qualified
candidates increasing in the industry, it’s important to make the bait more enticing if
you’re hoping for bites. More firms are putting together sell sheets and recruiting packets
to give candidates reasons to join their organization. These outline benefits, discuss
culture and give important statistics around retention and promotion opportunities.
Putting in a little effort will show that you recognize most candidates have options and
that you have a culture that appreciates employees.
Courting Current Employees
One of the best ways to find a qualified applicant is to recruit one that’s still on the job.
This could prove to be expensive, but by working with a recruiter or posting jobs on
popular job sites, you could end up interviewing candidates who are already employed.
Hiring someone away from their current job ensures that they’re familiar with current
standards, are employable, and can typically step in with very little training or
adjustment. To attract these candidates, make sure you’re considering their schedule
during the interview process. Email instead of call (in case they’re at their desk), hold
face-to- face interviews after or before work hours, and try to limit the number of times
you ask them to take time off to talk with your staff. Being considerate of their situation
will put you in a much better position to hire these qualified applicants. It will also make
sure they don’t need to pull out of the process due to the hassle.
If you want to win the current competition for candidates, it’s time to get creative.
Employers everywhere are improving their pitch to perspective employees, and if you
don’t update your methods, you could be left behind. Be open to new partnerships, new
recruiting methods and non-traditional candidate pools and you’ll have an edge on your
competitors when it comes to hiring. Times are changing, and since job seekers have
more control, you need to make sure you’re their first choice when it’s time to make a

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