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Insurance Job Market Observation for September

Insurance Job Market Observation for September

Fall weather inspires me because this is the start of the baseball playoffs and Insurance Industry Job
market kicks into high gear. The demand for top talent is stronger than any other time of year. The
supply of these star performers who are actively shopping for opportunities is also higher now. This
“star candidate market” is confirmed by the number of new insurance jobs, the activity levels, and the
frequent market feedback of people getting multiple offers and receiving counter offers when handing
in resignations. We have tracked more search assignments get completed between Labor Day and the
middle of December than any other stretch of the year.

The Property & Casualty Sector is the most active area in the Insurance Industry Job market.
Professional Liability follows and Benefits rounds out the top three areas for insurance jobs in the
monthly analysis we do. The North East continues to be the strongest area for insurance positions.
There are 2 jobs up in this area to every 1 insurance job in any other part of the country. The Mid-West,
South-East, and Far-West all had the same number of open insurance jobs in the September totals.
The most open jobs in the insurance industry are located in the Broker/Agency area of servicing client companies. Sales and Marketing positions in both Broker/Agency and Insurance Carriers came in with the next with open insurance jobs. Underwriting and Claims openings tied for third in this month’s survey of job openings.

As you ponder the change of seasons and think about your career plans or need to recruit top talent;
the job market is back, salaries are going up, Contract Employment continues to be a part of talent
management for both succession planning and retention of technical expertise.

All the best,
GSR Team

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