Insurance Job Market Observations in August

Insurance Job Market Observations in August

As summer winds down and the school year begins this is the perfect time to add a star performer to your team. The time could not be any better for employers or insurance professionals considering new horizons. The expected weather impact (within 90 days), the limited supply of outstanding talent, and the continued shrinkage of baby boomers continue to create the best insurance job market in the decade. More demand and less supply is the summary of this insurance job market for insurance jobs.

The GSR monthly jobs survey reveals a shift in the locations where these insurance opportunities are found. The North East continues to lead with the most new positions the North East (30%) of this month’s new positions. The Midwest was close behind (27%) in terms of new insurance jobs. The South East (25%) and West Coast (18% ) have both picked up considerably in terms of these new insurance jobs in August. This is the most balanced in terms of this demand being spread out nationally withrespect to locations.

The need for Commercial Broker/Agency professionals is the area with the strongest demand for talentat all levels. These openings do not include sales people and are primarily service or technical roles.Claims and Underwriting disciplines are experiencing shortages of talent in commercial, professional liability, and benefits. These shortages are expected to continue and this has increased the need for temporary and contract help within the Insurance Industry.

As you consider adding talent or making a strategic step forward in your career in the future, we are happy to assist as needed.

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