Preparing for the Hiring Push Are you ready for the biggest hiring push of the year?

Preparing for the Hiring Push
Are you ready for the biggest hiring push of the year?

We’ve just entered the best time of the year for hiring. Budgets are being finalized for next year and managers are getting approval to hire for additional positions. Hiring managers will want to get new employees in the organization and trained before the holidays hit. Recruiters are being used at a higher rate to fill positions fast. Whether you’re a company that’s looking to hire, or a professional that’s looking to make a change, here are a few tips to prepare for the fall hiring rush.

For Hiring Companies:

Look at the long-term
Leaders want to know where a company is going before they come on board. That’s why you need to have a strong handle on where your organization is headed before you start bringing in candidates.

You should think ahead. Is someone on your management team is primed to move up and vacate their current position? If so, this could create an opening in your upper levels. Bringing in someone now and training them to fill that void could save you from a more expensive outside hire in the future.

Start blocking off interview time
When interviewing executive candidates and professionals for your top position, it’s important to make the process as efficient as possible. We all know that things can pop up, especially when projects are trying to get completed before the holidays, but dragging out an interview process can cause you to lose top candidates. A lot of companies will be hiring around this time, so don’t let a qualified candidate get snapped up because you’re dragging your feet.

Spend some 1-on-1 time with your top performers
Remember, you’re not the only company who’s hiring right now. Spend a little time with your best employees during these months to let them know they’re appreciated and respected. Talk to them about their goals and where they want to take their position. A little proactive support can go a long way if another opportunity comes their way.
For Job Hunters:

Summarize your projects
Starting with your biggest accomplishments, start looking at what your work has accomplished for your company. Look at different aspects of management and make notes of where you’ve successfully led people, cut costs, advanced initiatives and other key factors that companies look for. Having those accomplishments organized and presentable will put you ahead when you meet with a company.

Make sure your information is up to date
Updating your resume when job searching is a given, but there are other areas you need to keep current as well. For upper-level and managements positions, be sure that your LinkedIn profile has your latest accomplishments and that your references are in good standing by reaching out. If you’ve worked with a recruiter in the past, make sure that they have your most recent resume and know what opportunities you’re open to. A quick sit down with them to update their team on your recent projects and goals could also be helpful.

Network a little
Even if you’re not actively looking, it never hurts to strengthen connections. Fall is a great time to talk to people in your network and to meet a few new professionals in your industry. With the uptick in hiring, you never know what could arise out of a simple conversation, especially this time of year.

If you’re looking to get the best candidates during this busy time or are interested in seeing what opportunities may be out there, contact General Search & Recruitment this fall and let us help you take advantage of this temporary hiring boom. We’re happy to help in any way we can.

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