September Insurance Observations

September Summary

By: Mike McDonough

We’ve just entered into the busiest time of year for hiring. We’re seeing a large increase across the board with positions, especially in the executive space.


The broker and agency field has over two-dozen openings right now and many companies are searching for senior professionals to join their ranks. There are jobs across California, in New York and Connecticut, and throughout the south.


Underwriting continues to be our most in-demand area, with nearly 30 openings this month across all levels. No matter where you live, from New York to Los Angeles and Texas to Minnesota, there is likely an underwriting opening near you.


Sales and Marketing is seeing an increase in need, specifically for account executives and underwriting assistants. Customer Service is also experiencing a great deal of demand, especially in the south and California. We have dozens of openings this month alone.


We’re seeing demand across a wide spectrum of fields, including education and training, claims, clerical, actuarial, accounting, human resources, operational, legal and many more. If you want tips on how to prepare for an autumn full of opportunities and hiring, read our latest blog that includes advice for both hiring companies and candidates.

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