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What Does the Workforce Care About? By: Julie Shenkman, Beyond Technology advances at a rapid pace, so it makes sense that companies need to remain flexible in order to stay competitive and attract the best job applicants. This means that in addition to job skills, general human behavior should be considered when developing a strategic…(Read More)

The Most Important Trait to Hire for . . . and How to Assess It By: Omnia The list of desirable attributes in job candidates is as long as your arm. There’s exactly how their qualifications match the requirements in the job posting. There’s education, years of experience, self-development activities, and foreign language fluency. Then…(Read More)

Good-bye Micromanager, Hello Empowered Employee     By: Deidre Forster Empowering employees is not just a snazzy phrase, new buzzword, or today’s newest trend; it can be a sound business practice that frees up management’s time to focus on the myriad business minutia that needs focus. It’s time to say good-bye to…(Read More)

Insurance Job Market Observation for September Fall weather inspires me because this is the start of the baseball playoffs and Insurance Industry Job market kicks into high gear. The demand for top talent is stronger than any other time of year. The supply of these star performers who are actively shopping for opportunities is also…(Read More)

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