Director, Excess Loss/Self-Funded Division

Location: Kansas City, MO

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Director, Excess Loss/Self-Funded Division
Kansas City, MO
Position Summary:
As the Director of the Excess Loss/Self-Funded Division, you will be responsible for managing and directing the Excess Loss (Stop Loss) Strategic Business Unit while maintaining profitable group insurance products. Your role encompasses a wide range of responsibilities, including product development, relationship building with Managing General Agents (MGA’s), negotiating marketing and administrative services, coordinating with reinsurers, and ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations.

  • Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy for prospective MGA’s.
  • Conduct on-site visits and evaluations of prospective MGA’s, assessing their marketing and administrative capabilities.
  • Negotiate marketing and administrative service agreements with MGA’s.
  • Negotiate Carrier Fees and other compensation structures with MGA’s.
  • Provide support and assistance in negotiations with reinsurer(s) on reinsurance agreement(s).
  • Coordinate the development and maintenance of all reinsurance documents for specific products or producers.
  • Implement administrative procedures (internal and external) to facilitate policy issuance, premium collection, and claims payments.
  • Deliver policy equipment and procedural guidelines to MGA’s.
  • Develop efficient business flows that align with the needs of stakeholders, including banking arrangements.
  • Ensure accurate and timely distribution of risk premiums to the Reinsurer(s).
  • Monitor Managing General Agents (MGA) for compliance with MGA Agreement, reinsurance arrangements, and state/federal legislation.
  • Coordinate and participate in the drafting and filing of group policy forms, amendments, and revisions, including responses to objections or disapprovals from regulatory bodies.
  • Develop excess loss experience reporting with each MGA and reinsurer, monitoring these reports regularly to foster profitable relationships.
  • Provide support for auditing exercises of MGA’s by field auditors (internal or external) and the auditing exercises of the Reinsurer(s).
  • Review audit reports and ensure compliance with audit findings by MGA’s.
  • Support compliance efforts with products and producers.
  • Collaborate with the Legal Department (or outside counsel) in resolving disputes, handling demand letters, lawsuits, etc.
  • Supervise staff supporting group insurance products.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned and required.


  • Strong management skills.
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication, interpersonal, problem-solving, analytical, oral presentation, and organizational skills.
  • Flexibility to manage multiple and diverse assignments effectively.
  • Ability to maintain continuity for assignments while traveling.


  • Bachelor’s degree.
  • 5+ years of experience in medical, preferably Excess Loss, and life insurance administration, with a track record of managing administrative personnel.
  • Experience with the development and administration of reinsurance contracts.
  • Proficiency in PC and database applications is required.

If you are a seasoned insurance professional with a proven track record in Excess Loss and life insurance administration, we encourage you to apply for this challenging and rewarding role. 

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