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The insurance field is seeing a steady increase when it comes to pay across key demographics. The market for talent is becoming more competitive with unemployment at only 1.7% in the industry, and the amount employers are willing, and needing, to pay is reflecting the talent shortage. Read our compensation report to see how…(Read More)

How you can embrace a rapidly changing workforce The Generational Shift How you can embrace a rapidly changing workforce. Today’s workforce is changing at an incredible pace. In the last few years, Baby Boomers have shifted from the dominant group in the office to the minority due to retirement and the rise of the…(Read More)

Since our inception in 1969, General Search & Recruitment has established itself as a leader in insurance recruiting and talent acquisition. Fifty years alone is an incredible testament to our endurance and commitment to success, but we don’t let our laurels rest solely on our longevity. Rather, it is the values we bring to…(Read More)

With the end of the year fast approaching, you’re probably starting to see a lot of “Get Ready for 2019” emails filling up your inbox. Well this isn’t quite that. At GSR, we are always ready for the next search, the next placement and, of course, the next year. But 2019 is truly…(Read More)

If you’re looking for a source of motivation for your personal and professional life, you don’t have to look any further than Zig Ziglar. Long considered one of the most insightful voices in the world of sales, Ziglar’s wisdom has inspired countless individuals and been heralded as the visionary foundation of many…(Read More)

We’ve seen it again and again across a multitude of different sports. Athletes of the highest caliber elevating teams beyond mediocrity but ultimately failing to bring home the cup, pennant, trophy or title. A single talented individual can do great things for an organization, but 9 times out of 10, it takes a team…(Read More)

Talent for Technology How the right hiring strategy can help your company prepare for the biggest challenge in the insurance industry. Ask any of the biggest players in the insurance industry and they’ll tell you that the biggest challenge facing the field is technology. In fact, based on a recent PWC survey, 44% of…(Read More)

Mentoring New Producers by Patrick Muscenti, Ins Nerds My first insurance sale involved an industrial company. The owner, Bill, was unhappy with his current agent and wanted to move in a different direction. I put together a polished proposal and sent the PDF document to Kinkos to get that extra thick stock and even paid…(Read More)

A Road Map to the Evolving American Workplace By: Scanlon Employees rated “the ability to do what they do best” at the top of their list for considering a new job, according to a recent study by Gallup. If organizations want to attract and retain top talent, they must go beyond just collecting data and…(Read More)

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