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Chemistry Lessons from the Champs How Baseball Balances Experience and Emerging Talent to Build Winners By: Mike McDonough   The Houston Astros are World Series Champions. It took them all seven games, but their homegrown heroes were able to overcome the $200 million dollar payroll of the LA Dodgers to bring a much-needed win to…(Read More)

How Generation Z Will Impact the Future Workforce By: S. Scanlon Now that they’re on the brink of entering the job market, many are wondering how these ‘digital natives’ will affect our workforce. Tomilee Tilley Gill, founder and president of Executives Unlimited, sits down with Hunt Scanlon to give us a primer. Generation Z…(Read More)

Hiring Executives to Increase Investment in Diversity Programs By: S. Scanlon Glassdoor has released new data revealing that more resources are expected to be invested in diversity and inclusion staffing over the coming year. Some 35 percent polled said they were ramping up investment in the area. Let’s explore the new report and the…(Read More)

Social Media Continues to Play Big Role in Recruiting More hiring managers are using social media and Internet searches to screen candidates, a new survey has found. Experts suggest that the best response to ‘social recruiting’ is to cultivate a positive online persona. Let’s take a look at two recent reports on social media…(Read More)

Now it’s Personal

Now it’s Personal Why finding top talent in the insurance industry can’t be automated. By: Mike McDonough Automation is changing the way companies do business. It can help accomplish agency goals faster, more efficiently, and even more accurately than ever before. But where automation falls flat is in relationship building. No chat or…(Read More)

Mentoring with a Small Staff Making a mentorship program that works for smaller insurance agencies. By Mike McDonough   Mentorship programs are collaborative and valuable tools to help your employees learn new skills. These relationships help with training, retention and make everyone involved feel more in tune with the goals of the company. But for…(Read More)

“Getting to Orange – Diversity in Insurance” by: Carletta Clyatt, Omnia You heard it when you were a kid. You probably don’t remember when you heard it for the first time, nor do you recall the first time you passed it along to someone else. It’s one of those old cheesy pun-filled knock…(Read More)

Why treating a recruiter like a part of your company will put you ahead Working with a recruiter may seem like an added step in an already complicated hiring process. You have people who handle this, so why should you bring in someone from the outside? The problem is, most companies treat recruiters like a…(Read More)

Pay Check

Compensation trends for the insurance industry. The insurance field is seeing a steady increase when it comes to pay across key demographics. The market for talent is becoming more competitive than ever before, and the amount employers are willing to pay is reflecting the shortage. Read our compensation report to see how earnings in the…(Read More)

Over-Automated Recruitment Process Is Leaving Job Candidates Frustrated Gone are the days when the hiring process involved just filling out an application. Today, job candidates at practically all levels need to sift through online questionnaires and work their way through assessment tools before even seeing a person face to face. A recent Randstad study…(Read More)