A 100 Billion Dollar Question

Posts From the monthly archives: "October 2014"

A 100 Billion Dollar Question By: Rhodri Lane Overall, 72 percent of outstanding cat bond principal is exposed to US hurricane risk, and 48 percent to US earthquake risk. But does a large industry loss necessarily translate to large losses for investors? Rhodri Lane and Adil Imani give their view. In today’s reinsurance market…(Read More)

The Most Important Trait to Hire for . . . and How to Assess It By: Omnia The list of desirable attributes in job candidates is as long as your arm. There’s exactly how their qualifications match the requirements in the job posting. There’s education, years of experience, self-development activities, and foreign language fluency. Then…(Read More)

October Insurance Job Market Observations The 2014 World Series starts this week and both teams are Wild Card Qualifiers which for those don’t follow MLB is a rare event. The continued cross currents of baby boomer retirements and shortages of well-trained talent in the Insurance Job Market is also a rare. As the…(Read More)

Leadership Tough Love: Never Judge or Budge By: Jennifer V. Miller Is there ever a time when a senior leader can hedge a bit on a core company value? What if he or she is making a genuine effort to live that value, but consistently falls short? And, what if that employee is a key…(Read More)

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