Posts From the monthly archives: "October 2017"

Social Media Continues to Play Big Role in Recruiting More hiring managers are using social media and Internet searches to screen candidates, a new survey has found. Experts suggest that the best response to ‘social recruiting’ is to cultivate a positive online persona. Let’s take a look at two recent reports on social media…(Read More)

Now it’s Personal Why finding top talent in the insurance industry can’t be automated. By: Mike McDonough Automation is changing the way companies do business. It can help accomplish agency goals faster, more efficiently, and even more accurately than ever before. But where automation falls flat is in relationship building. No chat or…(Read More)

Mentoring with a Small Staff Making a mentorship program that works for smaller insurance agencies. By Mike McDonough   Mentorship programs are collaborative and valuable tools to help your employees learn new skills. These relationships help with training, retention and make everyone involved feel more in tune with the goals of the company. But for…(Read More)

“Getting to Orange – Diversity in Insurance” by: Carletta Clyatt, Omnia You heard it when you were a kid. You probably don’t remember when you heard it for the first time, nor do you recall the first time you passed it along to someone else. It’s one of those old cheesy pun-filled knock…(Read More)

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