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Why treating a recruiter like a part of your company will put you ahead Working with a recruiter may seem like an added step in an already complicated hiring process. You have people who handle this, so why should you bring in someone from the outside? The problem is, most companies treat recruiters like a…(Read More)

Compensation trends for the insurance industry. The insurance field is seeing a steady increase when it comes to pay across key demographics. The market for talent is becoming more competitive than ever before, and the amount employers are willing to pay is reflecting the shortage. Read our compensation report to see how earnings in the…(Read More)

Over-Automated Recruitment Process Is Leaving Job Candidates Frustrated Gone are the days when the hiring process involved just filling out an application. Today, job candidates at practically all levels need to sift through online questionnaires and work their way through assessment tools before even seeing a person face to face. A recent Randstad study…(Read More)

By Don Jergler Oregon employers will see a key portion of their workers’ compensation costs drop by an average of 14 percent in 2018, according to the Department of Consumer and Business Services. This marks the fifth year in a row that businesses … Read More Read more here:: Insurance Journal    &nbsp…(Read More)

By Don Jergler The record head that baked Northern California over the Labor Day weekend left wine grapes shriveling on the vines, reducing many of them to raisins before the normal harvest and turning what was looking to be a promising vintage into … Read More Read more here:: Insurance Journal    &nbsp…(Read More)

The Travelers Companies Inc. estimates that its catastrophe losses relating to Hurricane Harvey, including estimated recoveries from reinsurance, will be in the range of $375 million to $750 million pre-tax ($245 million to $490 million after-tax). The company has temporarily … Read More Read more here:: Insurance Journal     &nbsp…(Read More)

By Stephanie K. Jones A group defending Michigan’s auto insurance system says it has uncovered instances of insurers illegally selling more expensive policies to women and widowed drivers, raising questions about state oversight of rating practices as the industry pushes lawmakers to contain high … Read More Read more here:: Insurance Journal  &nbsp…(Read More)

By Stephanie K. Jones Wisconsin is among a handful of states that are covering student athlete concussions with a new insurance policy from the state’s regulatory body for all high school sports. The Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association will have access to concussion insurance free … Read More Read more here:: Insurance Journal  &nbsp…(Read More)

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