Posts From the monthly archives: "January 2015"

New-Hire Onboarding: Seven Tips for Success By: OmniaBlog It’s ironic that employee orientation is such a familiar concept but onboarding is far less accepted. Orientation is essentially an administrative function in which the new hire is processed for payroll and benefits, receives a badge or ID, and off they go. However, theconcept of…(Read More)

Capital management is crucial going forward By: Bermuda: Re Current conditions mean that investors must weigh up the variety of reinsurance asset classes that are available to them and assess whether the influx of capital is set to intensify or slow down. This was according to a panel of chief executives speaking at the ninth…(Read More)

January Insurance Job Market Observations Winter weather has not impacted the demand for insurance talent in the first quarter at this point. Interestingly enough the locations for this month have shifted away from the North East and gone into the warmer weather locations. Texas, Florida, & Georgia have the most insurance job openings this month…(Read More)

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