Getting Creative to Find Candidates

Posts From the monthly archives: "December 2017"

Getting Creative to Find Candidates By: Mike McDonough How firms are using new methods and partnerships to compete for top talent. Firms are in constant competition for the best candidates. With the growing surge in Baby Boomer retirement, that battle is only going to become more urgent. Bidding on top applicants in the insurance industry…(Read More)

  Human Capital Leaders Turning to Flexible Workforce in Record Numbers By: Scott Scanlon Companies expect to soon shift a third of their permanent jobs to freelancers and part-timers, according to a new survey. That’s good news, except when it’s not. Let’s explore the rise of the flexible workforce and what…(Read More)

  Five Tips On Crafting Leadership Goals for 2018By: Scott Scanlon Creating a short list of business goals for the year ahead will help you and your team zero in on what matters. Here are five tips on how to design your goal short list for 2018 with the help of this Goodstone Group executive…(Read More)

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