Posts From the monthly archives: "December 2014"

Stop the Bleeding: 3 Ways to Retain Employees By: Maren Hogan, Beyond Great news! According to a November 2014 labor report, 2.8 million people quit their jobs in September of this year, which is the highest level since 2008. “Wait. Turnover is bad for me. Why is this good news?” – Great question. It may…(Read More)

ARE YOU YOUR BIGGEST OBSTACLE? By: Mike Rodriguez, Zig Ziglar Newsletter “I could never do that, I’m not good enough, I can’t do that”…..and the list goes on. We use words to express how we think and feel; so our words are indeed an expression of our thoughts. Words are very powerful…(Read More)

Hedge fund reinsurers: 
are the rewards worth the risk? The plethora of new hedge fund-backed reinsurers that continue to be launched will carve out a niche in the industry—but perhaps not at the expense of the big, global reinsurers, argues Taoufik Gharib from Standard & Poor’s Insurance Ratings. By: Bermuda Re During…(Read More)

December Insurance Job Market Observations The shortage of some popular gifts during the holiday shopping season resembles the shortages of talent available in certain insurance job sectors. As we watch more and more clients scramble for talent it does look more like last minute shopping than a disciplined commitment to hiring the top talent. In…(Read More)

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